Disc Settings

Initializing Discs

Whenever you load a blank recordable
disc, the DVD Recorder+VCR will initialize
the disc (prepare it for recording):
DVD-R - DVD-R discs are always
initialized in Video mode. They can be
recorded only once.
DVD-RW - DVD-RW discs can be
initialized in VR Mode or Video Mode.
When the “Initialize” menu appears,
select “VR Mode” for maximum edit-
ing features, or “ Video mode” for
maximum compatibility with other
DVD players. DVD-RW discs can be
erased and recorded repeatedly.
DVD+R,DVD+RW - When you load
a DVD+R and DVD+RW disc, you will
be prompted, “Do you want to initial-
ize the disc?” Select “OK” then press
ENTER. DVD+R discs can be recorded
once. DVD+RW discs can be erased
and recorded repeatedly.

Erasing/Reformatting Discs

To initialize (erase and reformat) a DVD-
RW or DVD+RW disc:
1 Press SETUP.
2 Select “DISC” > “Initialize” > “Start”.
3 Choose from the following:
DVD-RW - Select “VR Mode” or “Video
Mode” and press ENTER.
DVD+RW - Select “OK” and press
• All contents will be erased and the
disc will be formatted.
3 - Setup
Disc Label
Disc Protect
Prev. Select Close
• Initialization options vary by disc
type. These options are presented
automatically whenever you insert a
blank recordable disc.