58 DVD Recorder+VCR User’s Guide
Troubleshooting (continued)
Cannot play recorded disc
on other DVD player.
Disc not finalized. Finalize disc; see page 30.
Disc recorded in VR mode. Other player must be VR compatible.
Some players will not play even finalized
No solution.
Discs recorded with copy-once material
cannot be played on other players.
No solution.
Cannot record or did not
record successfully.
Insufficient blank space on disc. Use another disc.
Source copy-protected. You cannot record copy-protected
Recording channel set to TV’s tuner. Select channel on DVD Recorder+ VCR’s
built-in TV tuner.
When recording to Video mode disc,
“copy-once” programs cannot be
Use a VR mode formatted disc for copy-
once material.
Cannot Timer Record. Incorrect date and time set. Set correct date and time; see page 23.
Incorrect programming. TIMER indicator
not lit.
Reprogram Timer; see page 42. Turn off
DVD Recorder+VCR.
DVD Recorder+VCR on. Turn DVD Recorder+VCR off.
Stereo Recording and/or
Playback not present.
TV not Stereo-compatible. No solution.
Broadcast program not in stereo. No solution.
DVD Recorder+VCR AV Out jacks not
connected to TV AV In jacks.
Make AV connections. Stereo available
only via AV output.
DVD Recorder+VCR Audio/Video Out not
selected for viewing at TV.
Select AUX or AV source as TV input.
Remote not working. Remote not pointed at remote sensor. Point remote at remote sensor.
Remote too far from DVD Recorder+VCR. Operate within 10 ft (3 m).
Obstacle in path of remote and DVD
Remove obstacle.
Batteries are dead. Replace batteries.
Remote locked. Press and hold POWER button for 5
Remote in incorrect mode. Press DVD to control DVD deck. Press
VCR to control VCR deck.

Resetting the DVD Recorder+VCR

If you observe any of the following symptoms:
• The unit is plugged in, but the power will not turn
on or off.
• The front panel display is not working.
• The unit does not operate normally.
You can reset the unit as follows:
• Press and hold the POWER button for more than five
seconds. Then press the POWER button again to turn
the unit back on.
• Unplug the power cord and then plug it back in
again after five seconds.