About Recording
4 - Operations

About Disc Types/Formats

DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW discs are
always formatted in “Video” mode—
the same as pre-recorded DVD-Video
discs. Once finalized, you can play
DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD+RW discs in
most regular DVD players.
DVD-RW discs can be formatted in
“Video Recording (VR)” or “Video”
mode. VR mode allows maximum
editing features, while Video mode
allows maximum compatibility with
other DVD players.
The DVD Recorder+VCR cannot re-
cord CD-R or CD-RW discs.

Notes on Recording

The recording times shown
are not exact because the DVD
Recorder+VCR uses variable bit-rate
video compression. This means that
the exact recording time will depend
on the material being recorded.
If your TV reception is poor or the pic-
ture contains interference, the record-
ing times may be shorter.
If you record still pictures or audio
only, recording times may be longer.
The displayed times for recording and
time remaining may not always add
up to exactly the length of the disc.
The recording time available may
decrease if you heavily edit a disc.
If using a DVD-RW disc, make sure
you set the recording format (Video
mode or VR mode) before you record
anything on the disc; see page 29.
When using a DVD-R or DVD+R disc,
you can keep recording until the disc
is full, or until you finalize the disc.
Before you start a recording session,
check the amount of recording time
left on the disc.
When using a DVD-RW disc in Video
mode, recording time available will
only increase if you erase the last title
recorded on the disc.
The “Delete Title” option in the “Title
List-Original” menu only hides the
title, it does not actually erase the title
from the disc and increase the record-
ing time available (except for the last
recorded title on a DVD-RW disc in
Video mode).
You can overwrite recordings when
using DVD+RW discs.
When you eject a DVD+R/RW, the
DVD Recorder+VCR will display “Mak-
ing a Menu” on screen and automati-
cally update the disc menu with any
new titles and/or edits.
Fingerprints and small scratches on
a disc can affect playback and/or
recording performance. Please take
proper care of your discs.
The company does not hold any
responsibility to compensate for
contents which should have been
recorded, and any losses or damages
(e.g. , losses of business profit, or busi-
ness intermission) that may arise from
malfunction of this recorder (e.g., not
recording/editing as intended).