About Editing

Editing Terminology

The following are editing terms used by
this DVD Recorder+VCR:
Title – A recording (such as a TV
show) on a DVD. Each time you start a
new recording, a new title is created.
Chapter – Sections of a title. You can
have chapters created automatically
every 5 or 10 minutes during record-
ing; see page 28. Or you can add
chapters manually; see page 46.
Title List Menu – A directory of all
titles on a recordable disc. You can
view the “Title List” menu by pressing
DISC MENU/LIST on the remote con-
trol. The “ Title List” menu is the main
screen for editing your DVD.
Chapter List Menu – A directory of
all chapters in a selected title. To view
the “Chapter List” menu, select a title,
press ENTER, and select “View Chap.”
Original Content – A disc’s origi-
nal content. When you edit original
content, you permanently change the
content on the disc.
Playlist Content – The edited version
of the original content. When you edit
playlist content, you do not change
the content on the disc; you only af-
fect how that disc is played. Playlists
are only available on DVD-RW discs
formatted in VR mode.
Video Mode – The default format for
DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs,
and an optional format for DVD-RW
discs. Allows limited editing features.
VR Mode – An optional format for
DVD-RW discs which allows for exten-
sive editing.

Editing Options by Disc Type

The following edits can be made to your
recordable DVDs, depending on the type
of disc:
Adding Chapter
Markers (page 46) X X X
Changing Title
Thumbnails (page 46) X X X
Making a New Playlist
(page 47) X
Adding Titles/Chapters
to a Playlist (page 47) X
Deleting an Original
Title/Chapter (page
Deleting a Playlist
Title/Chapter (page
Deleting Part of a Title
(page 48) X
Naming an Original
Title (page 49) XXXXX
Naming a Playlist Title
(page 49) X
Changing Playlist
Order (page 49) X
Splitting a Title (page
50) X
Combining Two
Chapters (page 50) X X X
Hiding a Chapter or
Title (page 51) X X
Protecting a Title
(page 51) X X X
Overwriting a
Recording (page 52) X
Previewing a Title List
Menu (as it would be
seen on other DVD
players)(page 52)
-RW (Video)
-RW (VR)
4 - Operations