Handling Discs

Do not touch the play-
back side of the disc.
Hold the disc by the
edges so that finger-
prints will not get on
the surface
Do not stick paper or
tape on the disc.

Storing Discs

After playing, store the disc in its case.
Do not expose the disc to direct
sunlight or sources of heat, and never
leave it in a parked car exposed to
direct sunlight.

Cleaning Discs

Fingerprints and dust
on the disc can cause
poor picture quality
and sound distortion.
Before playing, clean
the disc with a clean
Wipe the disc from the
center outward.
Do not use strong sol-
vents such as alcohol,
benzine, thinner, com-
mercially available cleaners, or anti-
static spray intended for older vinyl

Moisture Condensation

Never operate this product immediately
after moving it from a cold location to a
warm location. Leave it for two or three
hours without operating it. If you use
this product in such a situation, it may
damage discs/tapes and internal parts.
Product Care & Handling

Recommended Disc Brands

SONY (8x, 16x)
TDK (4x, 8x)
Verbatim (4x, 8x)
Panasonic (2x, 4x)
SONY (2.4x, 4x, 8x, 16x)
TDK (4x)
Mitsubishi (4x, 8x)
Ricoh (2x, 4x, 8x)
Victor (1x, 4x)
Maxell (1x, 2x, 4x)
VerbatimTDK (2x)
Mitsubishi (2x)
SONY (2.4x)
TDK (2.4x)
Ricoh (2.4x)
HP (2.4x, 4x)
Philips (4x)

Other Disc Notes

Depending on the conditions of the
recording equipment, some CD-R/
RW (or DVD±R/RW) discs cannot be
played on the unit.
Do not attach any seal or label to
either side (the labeled side or the
recorded side) of a disc.
Do not use irregularly shaped CDs
(e.g., heart-shaped or octagonal).
Depending on the recording software
& the finalization, some recorded
discs may not be playable.
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