Recording From External Devices
4 - Operations
Recording from a
Camcorder/Other Device
To record from a camcorder or other
external device:
1 Connect your external device to the
front or rear inputs; see pages 18-19.
2 Press INPUT repeatedly to view:
AV1 - For a device connected to the
rear AV1 Input.
AV2 - For a device connected to the
front AV2 Input.
DV - For a device connected to the
front DV Input.
3 Load a recordable disc or tape.
4 Press REC MODE to set the desired
Recording quality:
DVD - XP (1 hr/disc), SP (2 hrs/disc), LP
(4 hrs/disc), EP (6 hrs/disc)
VCR (T-120 tape) - SP (2 hrs/tape), SLP
(6 hrs/tape)
5 Cue the external device to the point
you want to start recording.
6 Press REC once.
• Recording will start.
• Recording continues until you press
STOP or the disc is full.
7 Options during recording:
• Press PAUSE/STEP to pause re-
• Press PLAY or REC to resume
• Press DISPLAY twice to check the
progress of the recording.
• To record for a fixed length of time,
see “One Touch Recording” on page
• If your source is copy-protected, you will not be able to record it using the DVD
Notes on DV Recording
The DV Input is for DVC-SD format
digital camcorders only. Digital satel-
lite tuners and Digital VHS video
recorders are not compatible.
Many DV functions can be controlled
using the DVD Recorder+VCR remote,
including Stop, Play, and Pause (not all
camcorders can be controlled).
Before recording to DV, make sure “DV
Record Audio” is set correctly in the
menu system; see page 28.
Audio input to the DV IN jack should
be 32kHz or 48kHz (not 44.1kHz).
Picture distortion may occur during
recording if the source component is
paused or plays an unrecorded sec-
tion of tape; if the power fails in the
source component; or if the DV cable
becomes disconnected.
DV Troubleshooting
If you cannot get a picture and/or
audio through the DV IN jack, check the
Make sure the DV cable is properly
Try powering off the connected de-
vice, then powering it back on.