Daily Operations

Front panel

Tally lamp

This lamp is controlled by the tally function of the MAKE/TRIGGER terminal.

• You can select the color of the tally lamp from “Green” or “Red.” You can also select whether the whole lamp is turned on at once, or whether it is turned on one half at a time. (“Tally Setting” in “Set-Up Menu” on page 17 and “External Control” on page 22)

• “No Effect” is displayed when you press a button which is not available for the current input or signal format (the lamp lights even when the function does not actually work).

• The items controlled by the MAKE system cannot be controlled by the buttons on the front panel (“Remote On” is displayed and the lamps do not light).

The illustration of the monitor is of DT-E21L4.

1Speakers (stereo)

The speakers emit the same audio signal emitted from the AUDIO (MONITOR OUT) terminals. (6 AUDIO terminals” on page 8)

2Picture adjustment knob

PHASE: Adjusts the picture hue.

CHROMA: Adjusts the picture color density.

BRIGHT: Adjusts the picture brightness.

CONTRAST: Adjusts the picture contrast.

PHASE and CHROMA cannot be adjusted for certain signal formats.

When “Component Phase” is set to “Disable” and an NTSC signal is input, PHASE can be adjusted (page 18).

3VOLUME adjustment button/EMBEDDED AUDIO setting button

Adjusts the volume when no menu screen is displayed. Selects an audio channel when EMBEDDED AUDIO signals are contained in SDI input. (“Volume Adjustment/Audio Channel Selection” on page 11)

4MUTING button

Turns off the sound when no menu screen is displayed.

To cancel the function, press the button again.

Muting function is also canceled when “Balance” of “Audio Setting” in the Main Menu is changed (page 16).

5 / / / buttons

When a menu screen is displayed selects or adjusts menu items. (“The operation procedure” on page 12)

6FUNCTION button

Assign functions to the F1 and F2 buttons when the menu is not displayed. (page 21)

7MENU button

Activates/deactivates the display of the Main Menu. (“The operation procedure” on page 12)

8COLOR OFF button/lamp

Displays only the luminance signal.

This function does not work for RGB input signals.

91:1 button/lamp

Displays the picture in the original resolution of the input signal.

The aspect ratio of the picture may change depending on the input signal.

pAREA MARKER button/lamp Displays/hides the area marker.

Select the style of the area marker in “Marker” of the Main Menu (page 15).

This function works only when displaying the picture in 16:9 aspect ratio.

This function does not work when “Area Marker” or “R-Area Marker” is set to “Off” in “Marker.”

qSAFETY MARKER button/lamp Displays/hides the safety marker.

Adjust the area of the safety marker in “Marker” of Main Menu (page 15).

This function will not work when the picture is displayed in 1:1 aspect ratio and “SD 4:3 Size” on the menu is set to “H Full”.

This function does not work when “Safety Marker” or “R-Safety Marker” is set to “Off” in “Marker.”

wSCREENS CHECK button/lamp

Displays only the selected element (R, G, or B) of the video signal. Each time you press this button, the picture changes in the

following order.

RGB (Normal screen)


Red screen


Blue screen



Green screen


eT.C. (time code) button/lamp

Activates/deactivates the display of the time data (time code) contained in the SDI signal. (“On the Information Display” on page 11)

Select the time code type in “Information” of Set-Up Menu (page 19).

rINPUT SELECT buttons/lamps

Selects an input.

SDI 1: E. AUDIO HD/SD SDI (IN 1) terminal

SDI 2: E. AUDIO HD/SD SDI (IN 2) terminal

HDMI: HDMI terminal


VIDEO: VIDEO terminal

The lamp for the selected input lights. t F1/F2 buttons/lamps

You can use the functions assigned to this button. y Power lamp

Unlit: The monitor is completely off (the power switch

on the rear panel is turned off). In Low Power Mode (page 20)

Lights in Green: The monitor is on.

Lights in orange: The monitor is off (on standby).

Flashes in orange: The monitor is in the Power Save (power save) mode. (“No Sync Action” in “Sync Function” on page 17)

u button

Turns on and off (on standby) the monitor.

The power switch is equipped on the rear panel of the monitor (1 on page 8).