Rear panel

Carry handle

Use this handle when carrying the monitor.

The illustration of the

monitor is of DT-E21L4.

Security slot Attach a security wire to this slot.

1POWER switch

Turns AC power on or off.

You need to press button (u on page 10) to use the monitor after turning on the POWER switch.

2AC IN terminal

AC power input connector.

Connect the provided AC power cord to an AC outlet.

Attach the provided power cord holder to prevent accidental disconnection of the AC power cord (“Attaching the power cord holder” on page 9).


Do not connect the power cord until all other connections are completed.

3REMOTE terminal

Terminal for controlling the monitor by an external control (“External Control” on page 22).

4VIDEO terminals (BNC)

Input (IN) and output (OUT) terminals for the composite signals.

5AUDIO (IN) terminals (pin jack, stereo minijack) Input terminals for the analog audio signals.

Use this terminal for the analog audio connection of the SDI. When a superimposed signal (EMBEDDED AUDIO signal on an SDI signal) is input, analog audio signals cannot be input.

Use these terminals when inputting HDMI analog audio signals.

If there is no audio signal for HDMI (e.g. DVI signals have been changed to HDMI signals), input audio signals into this terminal. When inputting audio into this terminal, set “Audio1 Assign” or “Audio2 Assign” of the menu to “HDMI-Analog”. (page 16)

6AUDIO (MONITOR OUT) terminals (pin jack) Output terminals for the analog audio signal.

The terminals emit the audio signals through the AUDIO (IN) terminal or EMBEDDED AUDIO signals through the E. AUDIO HD/SD SDI (IN 1 or IN 2) input terminal.

The signal is output from this terminal only when the monitor is on or in “Power Save” (power save) mode (“No Sync Action” on page 17).

The EMBEDDED AUDIO signal...

is decoded into an analog signal, then emitted.

is emitted only when “SDI 1” or “SDI 2” is selected, and when EMBEDDED AUDIO signals come in to the E. AUDIO HD/SD SDI (IN 1 or IN 2) terminal.

Audio signals are only output from the HDMI terminal when the signals are not protected by HDCP.

Even when the signals are protected by HDCP, sound is emitted from the speakers.

7E. AUDIO HD/SD SDI (IN 1, IN 2) terminals (BNC)

Input terminals for the HD/SD SDI signals.

The terminals accept also EMBEDDED AUDIO signals including up to 16 audio channels with a sampling frequency of 48 kHz.