To install the monitor on a wall

You can install the monitor on a wall by changing how the stand bottom plate is attached.

Installation Only for Authorized Service Personnel

Consult authorized service personnel for the installation of this unit.

Installation instructions must be followed precisely in order to prevent accidents.

We are selling this product with the understanding that it will be assembled and installed by properly trained and qualified service personnel.

About Accidents/Damages

We are not liable for any damage caused by faulty assembly, faulty wall mounting, insecure wall mounting, misuse, alterations, or natural disasters.

Please be aware that screw holes and anchor bolts will remain in the wall surface if the monitor is removed after having been mounted to the wall.

Long-term use of the LCD display monitor may result in discoloration of the wall surface due to heat/air emitted by the display.


Consult authorized service personnel for the installation and attachment of this unit to the wall. Do not attempt to mount the unit by yourself.

Improper assembly or installation may cause the unit to fall when it is mounted, which may result in fatal accidents.

To prevent this happening, check the strength of the materials in the mounting surface. Check the material strength again after mounting as well.


Using a monitor other than this product may result in damage or bodily injury due to the LCD display monitor toppling over.

Assemble all screws securely. Failure to do so may result in the LCD monitor and stand falling down, potentially causing damage or bodily injury.

This unit does not come with anchor bolts for securing it to walls, etc. Be sure you have materials on hand as appropriate for the mounting location.

The monitor should be mounted to a wall that can adequately hold the total weight of the monitor and stand over a long period of time and which can adequately withstand earthquakes, conceivable vibrations, and other external forces.

Mounting On Wooden Walls

The weight of the unit should be borne by the wall posts or studs, and these should be reinforced if insufficiently strong. Do not install the Wall Mounting Unit on walls made of plasterboard or thin plywood. Use the commercially sold screws best suited for the wall structure and material.

Mounting On Concrete Walls

Use commercially sold wall anchors capable of supporting the weight of the LCD monitor.

Do not install the Wall Mounting Unit near the blower or air inlet of an air conditioner.

Do not install the Wall Mounting Unit in a location subject to frequent vibration, impact or other external forces.

Do not install the unit in a location where people may hang on it or lean against it.

Do not block the ventilation holes.

Do not install the monitor on a non-vertical wall.


Consult authorized service personnel for electrical work. Using power cords damaged during installation (i.e., exposed or severed wiring) may result in fire or electric shock.

Conduct the work with adequate working space. Damage or bodily injury may result from working under unsuitable conditions.

Avoid mounting this unit in areas where there is electrical wiring or water pipes, as fire or electric shock may result.

1Lay the monitor on a cloth with the LCD panel facing down to prevent the LCD panel from being damaged. Loosen the stand screws on the stand support and remove the bottom plate.

Bottom plate

Stand support

2Temporarily set the stand screws in screw holes “2” and “4” on the right and left sides of the stand support.

Tighten the temporarily set stand screws so that they protrude from the screw holes by about 4 mm.

Stand screws “2” and “4”

3Tighten commercially available screws in the 6 holes shown in the figure below to install the monitor on the wall.

4Hook the temporarily set screws on the stand support in right and left recesses “A” and “B” on the bottom plate, tighten the two stand screws in right and left screw holes “D” and finally retighten the temporarily set screws to lock the stand support and bottom plate.

Recesses “A” and “B”

Screw holes “D”