Troubleshooting (cont.)

Self-check program

This monitor has a self-check function, which allows it to detect malfunctions and alert you. This makes troubleshooting easier. Whenever a problem occurs, one or some of the INPUT SELECT lamps will flash. If this happens, follow the steps below and contact your dealer to resolve the problem.

The illustration of the monitor is of DT-E21L4.

When the screen goes blank, and one or some of the INPUT SELECT lamps (COMPO./RGB, VIDEO) on the front control panel start


1Check which lamps are flashing.

2Press button to turn off (on standby) the monitor.

3Turn off the power switch on the rear panel.

4Disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet.

5Contact your dealer with the information about which lamps were flashing.

If you turn on the monitor soon after turning it off (or after a short-term power failure), the INPUT SELECT lamps may flash and no image may be displayed.

When this happens, turn off power and wait at least 10 seconds before turning on the monitor again. If the INPUT SELECT lamps do not flash, you can use the monitor as normal.

The self-check function does not work when the setup menu “Remote Active On Standby” is set to “Off” and you turn off the monitor (put the monitor in standby).