Do not rest your arm on the monitor or lean against the monitor.

Do not touch the LCD panel when installing the monitor.

Be sure to install the monitor securely to prevent the monitor from falling over, which may cause damage to the monitor or injury.

To install the monitor on a shelf or any other suitablesurface using screws

You can install the monitor without protruding the stand bottom plate by moving the stand bottom plate to the rear position.


Lay the monitor on a cloth with the LCD panel facing down to prevent the LCD panel from being damaged.

After moving the stand bottom plate to the rear position, be sure to attach the stand with commercially available screws.

1Loosen the stand screws on the stand support and remove the bottom plate.

Bottom plate

Stand support

2Temporarily set the stand screws to screw holes “3” on the right and left sides of the stand support.

Tighten the temporarily set stand screws so that they protrude from the screw holes by about 4 mm.

Screw holes “3”

3Hook right and left recesses “A” onto the temporarily set screws in the stand support.

Recesses “A”

4Adjust the position so that the screw holes on the stand support align with right and left screw holes “C” and “E” on the bottom plate, tighten the two stand screws on one side (four screws on both sides), and finally retighten the temporarily set screws to lock the stand support and the bottom plate.

Screw holes “C” and “E”

5Use no less than two commercially available screws (no less than four screws on both sides) for the screw holes (10 – φ8) on the stand bottom plate, to anchor the monitor. (Use screws having enough holding strength and resistance against external force of expected vibrations.)

10 – φ8


It is very dangerous not to anchor the stand with screws as this may cause not only breakage due to the monitor falling or dropping, but also injury or electrical shock.

To detach the stand


To install the stand




When attaching the stand to the monitor, insert the guides


of the stand into the guide holes on the monitor to place the

Lay the monitor on a cloth with the LCD panel facing down to

stand in the correct position. Then fix the stand firmly with the

prevent the LCD panel from being damaged.



attachment screws.





Attachment screws


Guide holes





Screw holes for stand

Stand body

















The illustration of the monitor

Screw holes for


stand attachment

is of DT-E21L4.


Stand support






Stand body