Sync Function

Settings for the synchronization with signals.


To do

Setting value

No Sync Action

Select the screen status when no signal is coming in.

Off, Standby, Power Save



(power save mode),



Gray Back (gray screen)

Delay Time

Select the period until the screen status changes as selected in “No Sync Action” after signals

30s, 5min, 15min


stop coming in.


Low Latency

Activates/deactivates the function to shorten the time taken to display the picture (low

Off, On


latency function).



If the picture is not displayed steadily while “On” is selected, select “Off.”



While “On” is selected, the displayed picture may become unstable when an operation



using buttons on the front panel or the menu is performed, or when the signal format





When setting “No Sync Action” to “Gray Back,” the screen color changes to gray and the power consumption of the backlight is saved by half. Selecting “Power Save” (power save mode) saves more power consumption by turning off the backlight.

No Operation Action Setting values: Off, On

Setting of the function for turning the unit off (standby) automatically when no operations are made for more than 4 hours.

Off: Does not turn off automatically

On: Turns off automatically

When the function is turned On, a warning message will be displayed about 3 minutes before turning off automatically.

When you turn on the unit with the function turned On, a message notifying that the setting is turned on will be displayed for about 30 seconds.

Set-Up Menu

Function Setting

Settings for the sub menu display, color of the tally lamp, and the intensity of the button lamps.



To do


Setting value

sub menu Position

Select the contents and displaying position of “sub menu.”

Lower1, Upper1, Lower2,




The setting values and features are as follows.






: Displays the current setting and adjustment bar at the lower part of the screen.






: Displays the current setting and adjustment bar at the upper part of the screen.






: Displays the current setting at the lower part of the screen.






: Displays the current setting at the upper part of the screen.





The adjustment bar is not displayed for some items.


Sync Term


Specify the terminal resistant value of the RGB input synchronized signal from the COMPO./RGB

Low, High










Normally, select “High”. Select “Low” when the display becomes unstable due to the length





of a connection cable.


Tally Setting


Set the color and mode of the tally lamp using external control.



Tally Type



: Light up the entire tally.

Normal, Half





: Light up the left and right halves of the tally individually.






Tally Color


Set the tally color when “Tally Type” is set to “Normal”.

Green, Red



Select the intensity of the button lamps.

Normal, Dark



Select whether illumination is activated/deactivated.

Off, On

Component Phase

Deactivates the function of PHASE adjustment (Picture adjustment knob and “Picture Sub

Enable, Disable




Adjust” in Set-Up Menu) except when an NTSC signal comes in (on page 18).


Remote Active On

Set the conditions for the power switch by external control (serial).

Off, On




: Can power on by external control after powered OFF.






: Cannot power on by external control after powered OFF.


LCD Saver


Configure the setting for reducing damage to the LCD panel for long-time use. (on page 20)




1st Start

Set the standby time.





Set the time for performing the function.















Set the contrast reduction.

Save, Normal




Reduce the backlight brightness.

Save, Normal




Set the contrast reduction of the OSD display.

Save, Normal













Side Mask

Select whether to use the side panel.

Off, On




* The Side Mask function works no matter whether the LCD Saver is active or stopped.








Restore the default settings for all the items in “LCD Saver”.





Execute the LCD Saver function.





Stop the LCD Saver function. (“Cancel” will be grayed out during the function stop.)





Display the LCD Saver status.

Off, Ready


Start After


Stop the LCD Saver function.

**h **min