NEC XT9000 Link Mode, Switcher Control, Keystone Save, Lens Memory, User Name, Projector ID

Models: XT9000

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Keystone Save

Keystone Save

This option enables you to save your current keystone settings. Saving your change once affects all sources. The changes are saved when you turn off the projector.

Lens Memory

This function applies the stored lens shift, focus, and zoom adjust- ment values to the selected signal.

The function performs a setting that enables or disables the "Adjust (Source)" - "Lens Memory" functions of the menu. (See page E-33 for details of use)

On -- Enables the lens memory function and applies the stored shift, fo- cus, and zoom setting values to the selected signal.

Off -- Disables the lens memory function so that there will be no stored shift, focus, and zoom setting values for specific signals.

NOTE: The shift, focus, and zoom adjustment values can be stored regard- less of whether or not the lens memory function is enabled, but they will be values for all signals.

NOTE: In the Link mode the Lens Memory feature is not available.

User Name

Type in your desired name using the INPUT keys on the remote control.

Select one character at a time with the INPUT buttons 1 through 10(0) and by moving the cursor with the SELECT button. The user name must be 18 characters or less.

Only after completely finishing the selection of the characters, press


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Communication Speed

This feature sets the baud rate of the PC CONTROL connector (Mini D-Sub 9 Pin).

It supports data rates from 4800 to 38400 bps.

The default is 38400 bps. Select the appropriate baud rate for your equipment to be connected.

Projector ID

Each projector needs its own unique addresses when used in serial communication mode. You can choose one of 64 unique address using the spin box. First select Enable. Keep pressing increases the number.

To make your setting available, select OK.

Default Source Select

You can set the projector to default to any one of its inputs each time the projector is turned on.


Sets the projector to default to the previous or last active in-


put each time the projector is turned on.


Displays the selected source input every time the projector is


started up. Select an input from the pull-down menu.

Link Mode

This feature is used for multiple projector connection using RGB Digital Input/Output connectors. The master projector is set to Master. The other slave projectors are set to Slave. When not using Link mode, set to Standalone. See page E-13 for setting up for double stacking in link mode.

Switcher Control

This feature sets the projector in communication with the NEC ISS- 6020 Switchers.

Stand Alone

Use the projector in stand alone operation.

SW 1 Level

Use the projector with one Switcher. (not available


in Link mode)

SW 2 Level

Use the projector with two or more Switchers. (not


available in Link mode)

When changing this setting, the confirmation message will appear. If you want to restart your projector, select Yes; if not, select No.

NOTE: This setting becomes effective only after the projector is restarted.

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Page 44
Image 44
NEC XT9000 Link Mode, Switcher Control, Keystone Save, Lens Memory, User Name, Communication Speed, Projector ID