Vincent Audio SV-123 For Special Attention, Connecting Source Equipment, Connecting The Antenna

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Your receiver processes input signals from the connected audio sources and the built in tuner. For this purpose it must be connected with the antenna and, using signal cables, with each source appliance. The input signals are amplified and fed to the loudspea- kers via the loudspeaker outputs. Other receiver outputs consist of a recording output (REC Out), a pre-amplifier output (PRE Out) and a headphone output on the front of the appliance.

Set up the cable links first for all inputs, then for all outputs on the receiver. Finally introduce the power cable and connect it with the socket.



Connect the outputs on source equipment with the inputs on the receiver. The output sockets on source equip- ment are usually indicated by “Line Out”, “Audio Out” or “Front Out”. You will find information about ways to connect source equipment in their operating manuals.

To use a record player you need a so-called equaliser preamplifier (also called a phono pre- amplifier), which is installed in the signal path between the record player and one of the high-level inputs. Some models of record player already include this preamplifier and can be connected directly. You will find further information in this appliance's operating manual.

Remove plastic protective covers


Before installation, the plastic

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protective caps must be removed


from all the sockets used.









Mechanically identical cinch plugs are available for connecting all inputs and outputs. Make sure that you do not get these

connections confused during installation!

Connection quality

Make sure that all plugs fit tightly. Inadequate connections can cause noise interference, CONNECTING SOURCE EQUIPMENT- false -CONNECTING THE ANTENNA failures and malfunctions.

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- right -

RCA Connection

Make sure that you do not mix up the analogue inputs for right and left. The cinch plugs for these are frequently colour coded

as follows: red for the right channel, black or white for the left channel.

Connections loudspeaker

The use of ready-made loudspeaker cables is recommended instead of connecting the cable's central wire (litz wire) directly to the terminals. Banana plugs or cable lugs ensure high security from short-circuits and damage to the loudspeakers or the receiver.

Ensure that bare loudspeaker wires are never able to come into contact with each other or with the metal on the back of the housing.

Only connect one loudspeaker wire to each loud- speaker terminal!

Make sure that the positive and negative loud- speaker wires are connected correctly. You will notice a reduced sound quality if the connections are the wrong way round.

Signal and speaker cables

Only use loudspeakers with a nominal impe- dance of at least 4. To make the most of the components' sound potential, only high quality loudspeakers and connecting cables, for ex- ample Vincent cables, should be used.

Your local stockist will be glad to advise you about this.

The stereo sound of appliances can often also be used with the aid of adaptors. The line level outputs on these are not connected with cinch output plugs but different plugs (DIN plugs, jack plugs). Up to five stereo sour- ces can be connected in addition to the built in tuner. The additional sound inputs “CD”, “DVD”, “AUX”, “SACD” and “LINE” are electrically identical, standard high-level inputs with cinch plugs.


Stereo RCA


e.g. CD-Player



If a wall socket is available for the VHF antenna connection of satellite, cable or a roof aerial, connect its radio socket with the “FM 75Ω” input socket (10) on the appliance. Use a 75Ω antenna cable for this purpose. If such a socket is not present, the wire antenna supplied or a room antenna available from a local stockist can be connected.

If you wish to receive medium wave stations, connect the loop antenna supplied to the terminal marked




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