Vincent Audio SV-123 manuel dutilisation Rear View, Remote Control, Batteries, Vincent

Models: SV-123

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Point the front of the remote control directly at the front of the appliance, making sure there are no ob- jects between the remote control and the appliance.

The distance between the remote control and the appliance should not be more than 7m, as the reliability of the remote control is affected beyond

this range. Make sure that you do not point the remote control at an angle to the appliance, as beyond an angle of ±30° to the centre axis the appliance may not respond as well to the remote control. Change both batteries if the distance at which the remote control can be used effectively decreases.


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VHF antenna socket:

Recording output

Using batteries

Handling batteries incorrectly can cause battery acid to escape or an explosion in extreme cases. The batteries must be correctly inserted taking note of the polarity, which is marked in the inside of the battery compartment. In order to make full use of

Changing/inserting batteries:

a.Open and remove the battery compartment cover on the remote control by sliding the cover on the underneath in the direction of the arrow marked on it and then lifting it off.

Connect a coaxial antenna cable here for FM radio reception. If there is no antenna wall socket, a room antenna or the wire antenna supplied can be used.


Socket for the loop antenna

Connect the loop antenna supplied or an

outside antenna here if you require medium

wave reception.


Loudspeaker terminals

Output sockets with screw contacts to connect

a pair of stereo loudspeakers. Loudspeaker

cables with 4 mm banana plugs can be used.


The stereo signal emitted from this output is identical to the input signal of the source currently selected. If required, connect a recording device here for example.

15.OUTPUT “PRE”: Preamplifier outputs for stereo channels

Enables the preamplified stereo audio signal from the source currently selected to be fed to two additional amplifier channels.

16.Fuse holder

small, round plastic casing contains the appliance's fuse. Take note of the safety information regarding this.

the batteries' life, do not mix new and used batte- ries. Make sure that you insert batteries of the same type. Some batteries are rechargeable, others are not however. Take note of the precauti- ons and instructions that are included on all batte- ries. Remove the batteries if the remote control is not going to be used for a long time. Under no cir- cumstances must batteries be short-circuited, taken apart or heated up. For environmental reasons, used batteries should be disposed of in accordan- ce with local environmental regulations and not put with domestic waste.


b.If necessary, remove used batteries and insert new ones correctly as shown by the diagram in the battery compartment.




Terminal panel for stereo audio

signals of source equipment

Five stereo cinch input sockets for source

equipment with analogue stereo audio output.

17.Power socket

Introduce the power cable here and connect it with the power supply.

c. Put the compartment cover back on and close

Only use AA (LR6) size batteries.

the battery compartment.


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Page 14
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Vincent Audio SV-123 manuel dutilisation Rear View, Remote Control, Batteries, Vincent