Vulcan-Hart GR85, GR45 Sequence Of Operation, Millivolt Controls, Kleenscreen Filtering System

Models: GR85 GR35 GR25 GR45F GR35F GR65F GR85F GR65 GR45

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Millivolt Controls

Refer to schematic diagram 7825.


A.Gas shutoff valve(s) on and gas combination valve knob/extension arm in the on position.

B.Shortening at proper level in fry tank and below last set point temperature used.

C.Pilot lit.

1)Pilot valve coil is energized on gas combination valve and pilot valve opens for gas flow to pilot burner.

NOTE: Pilot flame must be sufficient to generate 450 millivolts DC (minimum) from thermopile.

D.Main valve coil on combination valve not energized (valve closed).

E.Control thermostat off.

F.High limit thermostat closed.

2.Set control thermostat to call for heat.

A.Main valve coil on gas combination valve is energized and main valve opens for gas flow to main burners.

1)Main burners light.

NOTE: As long as the millivolts from thermopile remain sufficient to keep the pilot valve coil energized, and the control thermostat is calling for heat, the main gas valve stays open.

3.Shortening reaches set temperature and control thermostat opens.

A.Main gas valve coil de-energized and main valve closes.

1)Gas flow stops and main burners go out.

4.Control thermostat cycles main burners until thermostat is turned to off; gas valve knob/extension arm is turned to pilot or off.

Kleenscreen Filtering System

Refer to wiring diagram 7850. Refer to Installation & Operation manual for specific instructions on filtering.

NOTE: The filter valve handle and the discard valve handle are connected to a mechanical valve and switch assembly to route the flow of oil in the filtering system and supply power to the pump motor.


A.Fryer connected to correct supply voltage and is properly grounded.

B.Shortening between 300/F and 350/F.

NOTE: Oil should not be filtered outside of this temperature range. At lower temperatures the oil is thicker which may increase filtering time and place a greater load on the pump. At higher oil temperatures, oil seal life is decreased.

C.Control thermostat off.

NOTE: Control thermostat must remain off during filtering.

D.Filter drawer assembly installed properly.

E.Filter power switch turned off.

F.Filter valve handle retracted.

1)Filter valve switch N.O. contacts open.

G.Discard valve handle retracted.

1)Discard valve switch N.O. contacts open.

2.Open the drain valve to the fryer section in need of filtering and drain the shortening into filter tank.

3.Turn filter power switch on.

A.Switch pilot light comes on.

4.Extend filter valve handle of the same fryer section.

A.Filter valve switch N.O. contacts close.

1)Power supplied to pump motor.

B.Pump motor circulates oil through filter until power is removed.

5.When the oil filtering process is completed, close the manual drain valve to the fryer and allow the fry tank to refill.

A.When all filtered oil is returned to the fryer, retract the filter valve handle.

1)Power is removed from pump motor.

6.Turn filter power switch off.

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Vulcan-Hart GR85F, GR65F, GR35F, GR45F, GR25 Sequence Of Operation, Millivolt Controls, Kleenscreen Filtering System