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In case of a prolonged power failure

Refer to your canner manual for specific


You can manually light surface burners. Hold a lit






match near a burner and turn the control knob to

For up-to-date information on canning, contact your


the LIGHT position. After the burner lights, turn the

local U.S. Government Agricultural Department


control knob to the setting you want.

Extension Office or companies who



manufacture home canning products.


Home canning information

Using the right cookware makes a


The large diameter of most water-bath or pressure


canners combined with high heat settings for long

big difference





periods of time can cause damage to the cooktop.

The pan should have a flat bottom, straight sides,




To protect your range:

and a well-fitting lid.


Center the canner over the surface burner. Do

Choose medium to heavy gauge (thickness)


not extend more than 1 inch outside the burner




The pan material (metal or glass) affects how


Do not place your canner on two surface burners


quickly and evenly the pan heats.


at the same time.

When using glass or ceramic cookware, check to


Start with hot water, cover with a lid and bring to


make sure it is suitable for use on surface burners.


a boil; then reduce heat to maintain a boil or

To avoid tipping, make sure pots and pans are


required pressure levels in a pressure canner.


centered on the grates.







The pan material affects how fast heat transfers from the surface cooking area through the pan material and how evenly heat spreads over the pan bottom. Choose pans that provide the best cooking results.


• Heats quickly and evenly.


• Use for all types of cooking.


• Medium or heavy thickness is best for most cooking.


• Used as a core or base in cookware to provide even heating.



Cast iron

• Heats slowly and evenly.


• Good for browning and frying.


• Maintains heat for slow cooking.


• Can be coated with porcelain enamel.



Ceramic or

• Heats slowly and unevenly.

ceramic glass

• Use on low to medium settings.


• Follow manufacturer’s instructions.


• Heats very quickly and evenly.


• Used as a core or base in cookware to provide even heating.




• Can be used for cooktop cooking if recommended by the




• Use on low settings.



Porcelain enamel-on-steel or

• See cast iron and stainless steel.

enamel-on-cast iron




Stainless steel

• Heats quickly but unevenly.


• A core or base of aluminum or copper on the cookware provides


even heating.


• Can be coated with porcelain enamel.




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