1)Remove the spark plugs, and spray a 10 second spray of Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine Fogging Oil into each cylinder. Grease the spark plug threads and reinstall the spark plugs and torque to proper specification.

(Refer to the Periodic Maintenance section, “Cleanning and adjusting spark plug.”).

2)Turn the engine over with the stop lanyard disconnected to work the fog- ging oil into the piston rings.

3)Change the lower unit oil. (Refer to the Periodic Maintenance section, “Changing gear oil.”). Inspect the oil for the presence of water which indi- cates a leaky seal. Seal replacement should be performed by an autho- rized Yamaha dealership prior to use.

4)Grease all grease fittings. (Refer to the Periodic Maintenance section, “Greasing.”)


Cleaning and Anti-corrosion Measure

1)Wash down the exterior of the out- board with fresh water and dry off completely.

2)Spray the engine’s exterior with Yamaha Silicone Protectant (Part No. LUB-SILCNE-13-00).

3)Wax the cowling with a non-abrasive wax such as Yamaha Silicone Wax (Part No. ACC-11000-15-02).