If the starter mechanism does not operate (engine cannot be cranked with the starter), the engine can be started with an emergency starter rope.


8Use this procedure only in an emer- gency and only to return to port for repairs.

8When the emergency starter rope is used to start the engine, the start-in- gear protection device does not oper- ate. Make sure the transmission is in neutral. Otherwise, the boat could unexpectedly start to move, which could result in an accident.

8Be sure no one is standing behind you when pulling the starter rope. It could whip behind you and injure someone.

8An unguarded rotating flywheel is very dangerous. Keep loose clothing and other objects away when starting the engine. Use the emergency starter rope only as instructed. Do not touch the fly- wheel or other moving parts when the engine is running. Do not install the starter mechanism or top cowling after the engine is running.

8Do not touch the ignition coil, high voltage wire, spark plug cap or other electrical components when starting of operating the motor. You could be shocked.