Please carry out the following checks on your appliance before c alling a Service Engineer. It may be that the
problem is a simple one which you can solve yourself without the expense of a service call.
In-guarantee customers should make sure that the checks have been made as the engineer will make a
charge if the fault is not a mechanical or electrical breakdow n.
Please note that proof of purchase is required for in-guar antee service calls.
The grill, ovens and timer do not work. Check that the appliance has been wired in to the
appliance supply and is switched on at the wall.
Check that the main appliance fuse is working.
If you have checked the above:
Allow the appliance to cool for a couple of hours. The
appliance should now be working normally.
The grill and second oven work but the main oven
does not.
Check that the time of day has been set on the clock.
Check that the oven is set for manual cooking.
The grill does not work or cuts out after being used
for a long period of time.
Ensure the cooling fan is running when the grill is on. If
the cooling fan fails, the grill will not operate correctly.
Contact your local Service Force Centre.
Leave the grill door open and allow the grill to cool. After
a couple of hours check that the grill works as normal
The timer does not work. Check that the instructions for the operation of the timer
are being closely followed.
The indicator neons are not working correctly. Check that you have selected on ly the function you
require. Ensure all other controls are in the Off positio n.
The oven is not cooking evenly. Check that the ap pliance is correctly installed and is
Check that the recommended temperatures and shelf
positions are being used.
The oven light fails to illuminate. The oven light bulb may need replacing.
If the Main Oven is set for automatic cooking the li ght will
illuminate when the cook time begins.
The oven fan is noisy. Check that the oven is level.
Check that the shelves and bakeware are not vibrating in
contact with the oven back panel.
The oven temperature is too high or too low. Check that the recommended temperatures and shelf
positions are being used. Be prepared to adjust the
temperature up or down by 10°C to achieve the results
you want.