This setting can be used for foods such as pizza wher e base browning and crispness are required.
The top and lower elements operate in conjunction with the oven fan.
· Pop out and turn the multifunction selector to
· Wait 5 seconds until your choice is confirm ed.
The temperature will automatically set to 150°C.
· If you wish to alter the set temperature, you may
do so by pushing out and turning the main oven
increase/decrease selector (+/-) until the required
temperature setting is reached.
· If it is necessary to reach the required
temperature in a shorter time, the Speedcook
Function can be used. See Speedcook Function
· When the required temperature is reached the
three temperature indicator neons on the timer
display will illuminate and an audible signal will
· The multifunction selector indicator neon and the
main oven increase/decrease selector indicat or
neon will glow.
· The main oven temperature neons will illuminate
until the oven has reached the desired
temperature and then stop. When the oven has
been switched off the bars that are still lit in dicate
the remaining residual heat in the oven.
· The cooling fan for the controls may operate after
a time.
· The oven light will illuminate.
· If an automatic programme has been set, the
oven fan and light do not come on until cooking
· Some internal noise may be heard during
operation. This is quite normal.
· Single level cooking using the middle s helf
position gives best results.
· Ensure that food is place centrally on the shelf for
maximum air circulation.
· Be guided by the cook times and temperatures
given on any packaging.
· Some pizzas should be cooked directly on the
oven shelf. To prevent soiling the oven base,
place a baking tray in one of the lower shelf
Do not place dishes, tins or baking trays
directly onto the oven base as it becomes
very hot and damage may occur.
· The material and finish of the baking trays and
dishes used will affect base browning.
Enamelware, dark heavy or non-stick utensils
increase base browning. Shiny aluminium or
polished steel trays reflect the heat away and
give less base browning.