IMPORTANT: Ensure that the oven is
switched off at the wall before any further
work is carried out.
· Using a tape measure establish the internal width
of the cabinet. Refer to page 40 if greater than
· Position the appliance in front of the cabinet.
See Fig. 8.
· Take out all oven furniture before installatio n to
reduce the weight you need to lift. The oven door
should be taped up to keep it closed whilst lifting.
· To place the appliance into the cabinetry follo w
the procedure below:
· N.B. Two people will be required to carry out
the lifting procedure.
Warning: Do not attempt to lift this
appliance by the handle(s).
a) Each person should squat either side of the
b) Tilt the appliance so that your hands can support
the underside of the appliance.
c) Keeping your back straight, raise the appliance to
the correct height by straightening at the knees.
d) Rest the rear underside of the ap pliance on the
cabinet floor while your hands support the front.
e) T he appliance can be pushed fully into the
cabinet. Take care to avoid fouling the mains
f) Ensure the appliance is central and level.
g) Do not remove spacers fitted behind fixing holes.
h) When the appliance is fully housed screw the
stability screws (supplied with the appliance) in to
the side of the cabinet taking care not to distort
the side trims (See Fig 9). It is advisab le to turn
each screw alternatively to avoid damaging the
i) S witch on the appliance then refer to the
operating instructions.
Fig. 9
Fixing points for
stability screws
Fig. 8