· This appliance must be installed by a
qualified electrician/competent person.
Safety may be impaired if installation is not
carried out in accordance with these
· This appliance must be earthed.
· Do not remove the screws from the earth tab
extending from the oven mains terminal
block (Fig. 1).
· Before connecting the appliance make sure
that the voltage of your electricity supply is
the same as that indicated on the rating
plate. This is situated on the lower front
frame of the appliance and can be seen upon
opening the door. Alternatively the rating
plate may also be found on the back or top
of some models (where applicable).
· Do not alter the electrical circuitry of this

· This appliance is designed to be fitted in cabinets

of the recommended dimensions as shown

· If your cabinet interior dimension is between 565-

570mm the oven may still be fitted. However, a
minor modification to the cabinet will be requ ired
to reduce the aperture size down to 560-565 mm,
to allow the product to be securely screwed into
the cabinet.

· The dimensions given provide adequate air

circulation around the unit within the cabinet,
ensuring compliance with BS EN60-335.

· Enquiries regarding the installation of the cooker

point, if required, should be made to your
Regional Electricity Company to ensure
compliance with their regulations.

· The appliance socket switch should be outside

the cabinet but within 2m of the appliance to
make it accessible to switch off the appliance in
case of an emergency.

· To protect the hands, wear gloves when lifting

the oven into its housing.
Do not lift the appliance by the handles.
Earth leakage and continuity tests must be carried
out before the appliance is connected to the mains
supply and re-checked after fitting.