This KOBE hood is equipped with a four-switch control, two powerful centrifugal turbine
impellers with safety screens, two bright 12-volt 20-watt halogen lights, and four oil containers.
The four control switches are Light Control, Speed Control, QuietMode™ Control and the
Power Control (On/Off). Refer to Figure 17.
Figure 17
Light Control Power Control
Speed Control QuietMode™ Control
Low High
Turn On:
Press Power Control switch to turn on the power.
Press the Speed Control (Low, Off, High) or QuietMode™ Control to select the desired speed.
Once the Power Control is turned on, the previous switch selections will turned on.
Press the QuietMode™ Control to turn on QuietMode™. Speed Control will automatically be
disabled when QuietMode™ is turned on.
Press Light Control switch to turn halogen lights on.
Turn Off:
Press the Power Control switch to turn off all power. Note: The Power Control switch is the
main power controller.
If disable QuietMode™, speed will revert to its prior Speed Control.