Soak Course
This process to wash heavily soiled laundry.
Remarks : The laundry will be soaked for an hour after feeding water.
1 Press the [Power On] button and put in the laundry.
2 Press the [Program] button 5 times for
selecting “Soak” Course.
The light will indicate “Soak’’ Course.
• The process time selection can be selected such as
1. Wash: Any selection is possible
2. Rinse: Any selection is possible
3. Spin: Any selection is possible
3 Press the [Start/Pause] button. The machine will measure the load size without water
(laundry sensing).
• The water level will be indicated automatically.
• You can adjust the water level according to your
desired level.
4 Put in the appropriate amount of detergent
into the detergent drawer for the water level.
Then close the lid.
After Soaking process is completed, it will
automatically continue with “Normal” Course.
7 Add softener. See page 7 for details.
• Different brands of detergent may have different
measuring scoops sizes. If the scoop holds
other than 40 grams, add the amount of detergent
recommended by the detergent makers for the
selected water level. See page 6 for details.
• Water may not be supplied if the lid is open,
depending on the setting of a water level.
The buzzer lets you know when the washing is finished.
Air Dry Course
The air dry is the process to provide air flow utilizing the rotation of the tub and dry the laundry
with this air flow. (Agitation is performed about every 30 minutes to untangle the laundry.)
Remark: • The laundry may not be dry enough depending on the size of the load, type of clothes,
temperature, humidity and installation conditions of the washing machine. (As no heater is
used for this function, some users may feel the laundry is cold and not dry.)
• Clothes for which the air dry function may be used - synthetic clothes (2.0kg).
1 Untangle the spun laundry and place them in the tub. Securely close the lid, and
then, press the [Power On] button.
2 Press the [Air Dry] button to select the
time required.
“90 min” will be displayed as the default.
You can select from “30 min” and “60 min” also.
3 Press the [Start/Pause] button. The air dry operation is a timer-controlled program
and it completes regardless of how dry the laundry
is. If the laundry is not dry enough, perform the air
dry operation one more time.
The buzzer lets you know when the Air Dry is finished.
Flashing in operation
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