1 Put the laundry into the
2 Allow the machine to churn the
laundry for 5 seconds.
3 Detergent volume indications.
Press the [Power On] button
and then press the [Start/
Pause] button after putting in
the laundry.
The pulsator operates for about
5 seconds without any water in
the tub to measure the amount
of laundry. If there is already
water in the tub, the machine
will not operate and the water
level will be set to 71L.
A lamp will light up indicating
the appropriate water level and
amount of detergent according
to the laundry. Add this amount
of detergent.
9 Detergent indicator
The indicates the number of scoop of compact powdered laundry detergent formula to be inserted
using the measuring scoop in the detergent box (1 scoop = about 40 grams).
For information concerning other types of laundry detergent, see the table below.
7 The pulsator operates without water in the washing tub in order to measure
the amount of laundry.
• According to laundry load, put in the detergent then close the lid.
7 Change the water level setting in the following cases:
• When placing the wet laundry inside the tub, the water level will be indicated 71L
even though the laundry weight is light.
• When you put in light weight laundry or laundry that doesn’t absorb water easily (laundry made of synthetic
fiber and mixed fiber, etc.).
Determining load and detergent levels with the Quick Indication
Laundry Detergent
Detergent type
Water level
Synthetic detergents
Concentrated type Liquid type
(25g per 30L of water) (25ml per 30L of water) (40ml per 30L of water)
(Approx. 9.0kg)1.5 scoops approx. 60ml approx. 95ml approx. 92g
(Approx. 5.0kg)
1.2 scoops approx. 50ml approx. 80ml approx. 78g
(Approx. 3.5kg) 1 scoop approx. 44ml approx. 70ml approx. 68g
(Approx. 1.5kg) 0.8 scoop approx. 36ml approx. 58ml approx. 56g
(Approx. 0.8kg) 0.6 scoop
approx. 28ml approx. 44ml approx. 43g
(Approx. 0.3kg) 0.2 scoop approx. 15ml approx. 24ml approx. 24g
• The figures in parentheses in the water level column indicate the approximate weight of the laundry load.
• Please use the standard amount of laundry detergent as printed on the detergent container.
Some laundry detergents have their own prescribed methods of use. Please read the instructions to your laundry detergent.
• When a large quantity of suds is produced, use less detergent or switch to a low-suds detergent.
scoop (40g)
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