Please observe the following Instructions
shut off
After finishing don’t forget:-
• Please shut off the
• Please don’t let water
store for a long time.
w This is to prevent water
Do not put any type of charger stand
on the washing machine.
When you place the
charger stand for an
electric toothbrush, etc.,
close to the washing
machine, malfunction
will result.
When you will not use the washing
machine for a long period of time.
Turn off the power and pull out the
power plug.
Do not use a cover made of vinyl chloride.
(It could damage the plastic or paint.)
If you intend to use such a
cover, first place a cloth over
the washing machine to keep
it from coming in contact with
the cover.
Do not put in too much detergent.
Rinsing cannot be
done sufficiently.
• The floor could be wet
by the foam flowing
out of the machine.
Keep condensation from getting on the
When the air temperature is
high and the water temperature
is low, condensation will
sometimes run off onto the
Do not put too much laundry.
• Put laundry completely
into the tub. Never
allow the laundry to
protrude out of the tub.
(This causes torn
laundry or damage to
the plastic parts.)
Do not hold magnets or cards with
magnetic strips near the washing
Do not hold cards with magnetic strips near
the washing machine. (The cards may become
Do not hold a magnet near
the washing machine while it
is in operation.
(The tub may stop spinning.)
If the spinner tub does not stop within
15 seconds after you open the lid
during spinning, immediately stop
using the machine, and contact your
dealer for repair.
Do not spray anything or pour water
over the lid.
• Do not put water, pesticides,
hair products, deodorants, or
any other such liquids on the
lid. (To avoid electric shock and
1. It is advisable not to start the machine direct with spinning process but
to start with normal washing cycle.
2. Please be aware, when the laundry is unbalanced during spinning,
some knocking sound may occur and the spin may stop followed by an
additional automatic rinsing.
3. If the unbalance condition continue for 3 times, the washing machine
will stop functioning automatically.
4. You can manually distribute the laundry evenly to ensure the laundry
are balanced inside the tub.
Cautions on parts
If the supply power cord is damaged. It must be replaced by Service Center or a similarly qualified person in
order to avoid a hazard.
Even LaundryUneven Laundry
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