Quadra-Fire QF130 owner manual K. After Appliance is Lit, L.Frequently Asked Questions

Models: QF130

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K. After Appliance is Lit

K. After Appliance is Lit

Initial Break-in Procedure

The appliance should be run three to four hours continuously on high.

Turn the appliance off and allow it to completely cool.

Remove fixed glass assembly. See Section 12.H.

Clean fixed glass assembly. See Section 3.

Replace the fi xed glass assembly and run continuously on high an additional 9 hours.

This cures the materials used to manufacture the fire- place.

NOTICE! Open windows for air circulation during ap- pliance break-in.

Some people may be sensitive to smoke and odors.

Smoke detectors may activate.

L.Frequently Asked Questions





Condensation on the glass

This is a result of gas combustion and temperature variations. As the appliance warms, this

condensation will disappear.


Blue flames

This is a result of normal operation and the fl ames will begin to yellow as the appliance is al-

lowed to burn for 20 to 40 minutes.



When first operated, this appliance may release an odor for the first several hours. This is caused

Odor from appliance

by the curing of the paint and the burning off of any oils remaining from manufacturing. Odor may


also be released from finishing materials and adhesives used around the appliance.


This is a normal result of the curing process of the paint and logs. Glass should be cleaned

Film on the glass

within 3 to 4 hours of initial burning to remove deposits left by oils from the manufacturing


process. A non-abrasive cleaner such as gas fi replace glass cleaner may be necessary. See


your dealer.


Noise is caused by metal expanding and contracting as it heats up and cools down, similar to

Metallic noise

the sound produced by a furnace or heating duct. This noise does not affect the operation or


longevity of the appliance.

Is it normal to see the pilot flame burn

In an intermittent pilot ignition system (IPI), the pilot fl ame should turn off when appliance is

turned off. Some optional control systems available with IPI models may allow pilot flame to


remain lit.


Quadra-Fire • QFI30, QFI35 • 2227-900 Rev. H • 1/11


Page 11
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Quadra-Fire QF130 owner manual K. After Appliance is Lit, L.Frequently Asked Questions