Viewing the Remote Control

This is a special remote control for the visually impaired persons and has Braille points on the Power, Channel, and Volume buttons.

Turns the TV on and off.

Alternately select Teletext ON, Double, Mix or OFF.

Adjusts the volume.

Displays the main on-screen menu.

Views the Contents Home.

Quickly select frequently used functions.

Selects the on-screen menu items and changes the values seen on the menu.

Returns to the previous menu.

E-MANUAL: Displays the e-Manual guide. (p. 8)

P.SIZE: Selects the picture size.

AD/SUBT.: Audio Description selection. (Not available in some locations) / Displays digital subtitles.

Displays and selects the available video sources.

Press to directly access to channels.

Returns to the previous channel.

Cuts off the sound temporarily.

Changes channels.

Displays channel lists on the screen.

Displays the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide).

Displays information on the TV screen.

Exits the menu.

Use these buttons according to the direction on screen.

Use these buttons in a specific feature.

For details, refer to the e-Manual.

Installing batteries (Battery size: AAA)

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