How to use the e-Manual


You can find instructions about your TV’s features in the e-Manual in your TV. To use, press the E-MANUALbutton

on your remote. Move the cursor using the up/down/right/left buttons to highlight a category, then a topic, and then



press the ENTERE button. The e-Manual displays the page you want to see.

You can also access it through the menu:

OO MENUm → Support → e-ManualENTERE

To return to the e-Manual main menu, press the E-MANUALbutton on the remote.

Screen Display

Currently displayed


Basic Features



video, TV


Programme, etc.



Changing the Preset Picture Mode

Adjusting Picture Settings

Changing the Picture Options

Changing the Preset Sound Mode

Adjusting Sound Settings

}Index EEnter eExit

Operation Buttons

The category list. Press ◄ or ► button to select the category you want.

Displays the sub-menu list. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to move the cursor. Press ENTERE button to select the sub- menu you want.

}Index: Displays the index screen.

E Enter: Selects a category or sub-menu.

e Exit: Exit the e-Manual. <Viewing the Contents>

a Try now: Displays the OSD menu that corresponds to the topic. To return to the e-Manual screen, press the E-MANUALbutton.

b Home: Moves to the e-Manual home screen.

L Page: Moves to previous or next page.

{Zoom: Magnifies a screen.

––Press the { (Zoom) button to magnify the screen. You can scroll through the magnified screen by using the ▲ or ▼ buttons. To return to the screen to normal size, press the RETURN button.

How to toggle between an e-Manual topic and the corresponding OSD menu(s).

This function is not enabled in some menus.

You cannot use the Try now function if the menu is not activated.


Method 1


Method 2






If you want to use the menu that corresponds to an e-Manual


Press the ENTERE button when a topic is displayed. “Are


topic, press the red button to select Try now.


you sure?” appears. Select Yes, and then press the ENTERE


To return to the e-Manual screen, press the E-MANUALbutton.


button. The OSD window appears.


To return to the e-Manual screen, press the E-MANUALbutton.







How to search for a topic on the index page

This function may not be supported depending on the language.

1.If you want to search a keyword, press the blue button to select Index.

2.Press the ◄ or ► button to select a character order you want.

3.Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select a keyword you want to see, and then press the ENTERE button.

4.You can view the corresponding e-Manual instruction screen. To close the Index screen, press the RETURN button.

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