The Standard Remote Control


Turns the TV on/off.

Gives direct access to channels.

Displays and selects available video sources.

Returns to the previous channel.

Turns the sound on/off.

Alternately selects Teletext ON, Double,























Changes the current channel.























Mix or OFF.






































































Launches Smart Hub applications. Refer

Adjusts the volume.























to the e-Manual chapter, Smart Features






















Launches the Channel List.






















> Smart Hub.






















Displays the Electronic Programme Guide

Displays the menu on the screen.































































































Quickly selects frequently used functions.























Displays information about the current

Moves the focus, and changes the values


























programme or content.
















































seen on the TV's menu.






















E(Enter): Selects or runs a focused



























Returns to the previous menu or channel.









































































-- Press and hold to display the Guide.

















































Use these buttons according to the























Exits the menu.























directions on the TV screen.






































































REC: Records whatever you are currently




















































Use these buttons with specific features.














































E-MANUAL: Opens the e-Manual.

Use these buttons according to the











































AD/SUBT.: Displays the Accessibility

directions on the TV screen.











































































': Stops playing content.

NN The button names above may be differ from the actual names.Installing batteries into the remote control

Match the polarity of the batteries to the symbols on the battery compartment. -- Use the remote control within 7m the TV.

-- Bright light may affect the performance of the remote control. Avoid using near bright fluorescent lights or neon signs.

-- The colour and shape of the remote may vary depending on the model.

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