Zebra Technologies P420i Plastic Card Printer, Appendix C, Important general information

Models: P420i

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Important general information.




General information

Getting started


Printing a card




Appendix A

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Appendix C

P420i Plastic Card Printer

ICONS Throughout this manual, different icons highlight important information, as follows:

Important general information.

Mechanical hazard, such as one associated with moving parts, capable of resulting in equipment damage or personal injury.

Electrical hazard, such as an exposed voltage point, capable of causing electrical shock and personal injury.

An area where electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause component damage. Use a grounding wrist band.

Elevated temperature hazard, capable of producing a burn.

Keep Card Printer clean by minimizing cover open time.

Page 6
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Zebra Technologies user manual P420i Plastic Card Printer, General information Getting started Operation Printing a card