3-SAFETY (continued)
2011 August
3.7 Residual Hazards
The case sealer 800a incorporates various safety
protections which should never be removed or
disabled. It is essential that the operator and service
personnel be warned that hazards exist which can-
not be eliminated.
3.8 Recommendations and Measures to Prevent
Other Hazards which Cannot be Eliminated
- The operator must stay on the working position
shown in the Operation Section. He must never
touch the running driving belts or put his hands
inside any cavity.
- The operator must pay attention to the blades
during the tape replacement.
3.10 Predictable Actions which are Incorrect and
Not Allowed
- Never try to stop/hold the box while being driven
by the belts.
- Never remove or disable the safety devices.
- Only authorized personnel should be allowed
to carry out the adjustments, repairs or main-
tenance which require operation with reduced
safety protections. During such operations,
access to the machine must be restricted.
When the work is nished, the safety protec-
tions must immediately be reactivated.
- The cleaning and maintenance operations must be
performed after disconnecting the electric power.
- Do not modify the machine or any part of it.
- Clean the machine using only dry cloths or
light detergents. Do not use solvents, petrols, etc.
- Install the machine following the suggested layouts
and drawings.
3.4 Operator's Qualifications
- Machine Operator
- Mechanical Maintenance Technician
- Electrical Maintenance Technician
- Manufacturer’s Technician/Specialist
(See Section 3)
3.5 Number of Operators
The operations described below have been analyzed
by the manufacturer; the recommended number of
operators for each operation provides the best and
safest work performance.
Note: A smaller or greater number of operators
could be unsafe.
3.6 Instructions for a Safe Use of the Machine /
Def nition of Operator's Qualif cations
Only persons who have the skills described in the
skill levels section should be allowed to work on the
machine. It is the responsibility of the user to appoint
the operators having the appropriate skill level and
the appropriate training for each category of job.
3.9 Personal Safety Measures
Safety glasses, safety gloves, safety helmet, safety
shoes, air lters, ear muffs - None is required except
when recommended by the user.
To reduce the risk associated with
mechanical and electrical hazards:
Read, understand, and follow all safety and
operating instructions before operating or
servicing the case sealer.
Allow only properly trained and quali ed
personnel to operate and service this