Chapter 7 i-Enhance

The bundled i-Enhance is a video editing tool and can only be used with *.dvr video file. It allows you to adjust the video picture quality, segment and save the selected portion of the video, zoom in and out the image, and print or save the screen shot. You can also save the setting and apply it on other files.

To run i-Enhance application, click i-Enhancebutton on USB Playback Console interface.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































(1) Open File


Access *.dvr video file.






















(2) Save Image


Capture and save the screen shot in *.bmp format.

(3)Playback Control Buttons

Begin: Move at the beginning of the video file.

Previous: Go back to the previous frame.

Rewind: Wind back the video file.

Pause: Temporary stop playing the video file.

Play: Play the video file.

Faster: Play the video file at the speed of 2x, 4x, or 8x.

Next: Go to the next frame.

End: Go to the end of the video file.


Save Video

Save the edited or segmented video in *.avi format.



Print the screen shot.






Mark the beginning and the end of the selected portion of the video.



Two triangle marks will appear on the slider. To cancel video



segmentation, click this button again.





Zoom Buttons

Enlarge, reduce, and set the image back to normal size.





Full Screen

Use the entire screen to only display the video.






Set the video back to original state and delete all the changes in the



history box.

(10) History Box

List all the actions.