Chapter 8 Using the Remote Programs

User can use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access DVR system by entering the IP address. To use this feature, make sure that you PC and EB 1304 NET both are connected to the internet and the Network feature is enabled.

Accessing this feature for the first time you will be prompted by your browser to install, allow the installation and you should be able to connect and login afterwards.

For Windows 2000, click Yes when the Security Warning dialog box appears.

For Windows XP, click Install when the Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog box appears.

After installing the and when connecting to the DVR system, you are required to enter User ID (Superuser or User) and password (default password is 111111) and select the type of network. Superuser has the authority to remote setup the DVR system configuration on Web Viewer.


Changing the Superuser and User default password is strongly