8.2Familiarizing the Remote Console Buttons

























































































































































































Close the Remote Console.







(2) Audio button

Enable/disable the sound.







Split Screen Mode

Select from six (6) different split screen type to playback the





recorded video file of all the camera, or one camera over the





other or alongside on a single screen.





- If there are only 4 cameras, you won’t be able to switch to 9, 16, and 13 split

screen mode.






-To change the video quality, right-click on the screen and select between High, Normal or Low.



Start/stop video recording.






Enable/disable remote system access. This feature allows you to



access EB DVR server from a remote location via internet






Configure the Remote Console setting. (see also Chapter 8.2.1)






Switch to Preview/Playback mode. This allows you to view live



camera display.






Switch to Playback mode. This allows you to view the recorded



video file. (see Chapter 8.3)





Status Bar

Display the current date, time and hard disk free space.



(10) Camera ID

Show the number of cameras that are being viewed. When you



are in single screen mode, click the camera ID number to switch



and view other camera.



(11) Snapshot

Capture and save the screen shot either in *.jpg or *.bmp format.



(12) Full screen

Use the entire area of the screen to only display the video.



To return, Right click the mouse or press ESC on the keyboard.



(13) DirectDraw

Enable/disable DirectDraw function




Direct Draw function supports for certain VGA card. For more information, please

contact your VGA card vendor.