8.2.1 To Setup Remote Console Setting

Click Setup button to call out the System Setting windows. Click OK to exit and save the setting and Cancel to exit without saving the setting.





(1)Storage Path

Set the directory on where to save the data. When there is not enough free space to record one hour data, the system automatically replaces the oldest data. In case you have more than one storage path, the system automatically saves the data to the next storage path. By default the data is stored in C:\RemoteData, to insert another storage path, click Add. To remove the selected path, click Delete.

-Enable network storage

Select the Enable network storage check box to send the recorded video in network-attached storage.

iTo add network storage, the Internet storage drive/folder must be mapped as Network Driver in DVR server. To know how to assign or connect to a network drive, please refer to your Windows help file and search “Map Network drive”.


Customize the system to display the tool tips and dialogs based on the selected language. By default the language is in English.

(3)Remote Server

Enter the DVR Server IP and Server Port number.

(4)Channel Settings

The numbers from 1 to 4 represent the camera ID. In Transmitting Channels section, enable the camera number to receive the camera signal from the server. In Visible Channels section, enable the camera number to view the camera signal on Remote