8.1Familiarizing the Web Viewer Buttons

Right-clicking on the Web Viewer video screen, enables you to start video recording, change video quality, switch camera and enable/disable DirectDraw.












Enhance the video quality.




Not all graphic cards can support this function. If you can not see the screen display

correctly or screen is messed, please check with VGA card vendor.










Received file size


Indicate the size of the data being sent per second.






Camera frames


Indicate the number of frames per second.




(4) One screen view


To view single camera view on screen. User can right click on the




screen to switch to different camera view.






Split screen view


To view 4 camera on screen simultaneously.








Start to record the video of the selected camera in AVI format.




Directly click screen to select the channel that user wants to record




and press Record button.






Remote Console


Initiate Remote Console. It allows you to control DVR server (see




also Chapter 8.2).






Remote setup


Change the DVR server settings (see also Chapter 8.1.1).


Only Superuser has the authority to remote setup DVR system.





(9) Snapshot

Capture and save the screen shot in *.bmp format.



(10) Full screen

Use the entire area of the screen to only display the video.



To return, Right click the mouse or press ESC on the keyboard.