(3)Video Adjustment

Select the camera and adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation of the selected camera.

(4)Default Value

Set the video value back to default Record Setup









(1)Record Select

Enable/disable the channel number to record video

iThe channels which could be recorded should be enabled in the CAMERA SELECT first.

(2)Record Mode

Select D1/CIF recording mode. Under D1 mode, the video recording is in full screen resolution. Each channel is recorded at a maximum frame rate of 15fps. You can switch to view the video in single full screen or 4 split screen. Whereas in CIF mode, video recording is at a lower resolution, but each video is recorded in 30fps/25fps (NTSC/PAL).

(3)Record Frame Rate

Set the number of frames per second to be recorded. Refer to the table below for the available record frame rate settings. The higher the frame rate is, it uses more hard disk space


Video Standard









Record Mode

























60, 20, 4


48, 20, 4










120, 60, 40, 20, 4


100, 48, 20, 4