(4)Video Quality

Select the video quality setting from BEST, HIGH, MEDIUM, GOOD, NORMAL or LOW.

(5)Auto Record

Enable/disable auto continue recording when interrupted (i.e., power breakdown, video playback or configuration setup). It continue recording after 10 second of idleness. This is applicable in Always Record mode under schedule setting.

(6)Audio Record

Enable/disable audio recording. To record sound, make sure the microphone is connected to the unit

(7)Disk Overwrite Enable

Enable/disable replacing the earliest record when the hard disk space runs out. By default, the HDD overwrite setting is enabled

(8)Motion Detection

-Motion Camera

Enable/disable the channel number to detect motion.

-Motion Record Time

Set the amount of time (in second) to record when a motion has detected.


Set the sensitivity level. The sensitivity is from high, 9~ 2 and low. Alarm/Sensor Setup




(1)Alarm Setup

-Mail Alarm Enable

Enable/disable alarm sending mail when alarm has triggered or motion has detected.