LED Indication Status
None Headset is o
1 blue ash every 3 seconds Standby – No call is in progress
2 blue ashes every 3 seconds Audio active
1 red ash every 3 seconds Standby - Battery is low
2 red ashes every 3 seconds Low battery while audio is active
Solid red Charging
Flip-up Antenna
for extended range
The scala rider PowerSet provides you with an impressive Bike-to-
Bike Intercom range by simply ipping
up the antenna. The ip-up antenna
allows you to maximize the intercom
range with other bikers at up to 1 mile /
1.6 km (subject to terrain). The antenna is
also useful when riding in dense urban
environments that may aect the
transmission quality. You may keep the
ip-up antenna open when not using
the intercom, even though there is no particular need to do so.
The scala rider G4 PowerSet packag e contains two fac tory paired
G4 headsets. To set up addit ional Intercom Bluetooth conn ections,
you must rst pair your G 4 headset with the ot her headsets.
Pairing is a one time process. Once completed, the headsets will
remain paired and automatically recognize each other whenever they
are within range.
For details on Intercom use with other scala rider headsets, please refer to
section 9.11 below
Your headset has two Intercom channels av ailable for headset-
to-headset con nections . Therefor e, your G4 can communic ate
simultaneously with up t o two oth er heads ets. If o ne of thes e
other headsets is connec ted to yet another G4 headset, t hen all
four particip ants can e nter into a 4 -way confer ence mode ( see
section 9.10c bel ow).
Your scala rider G4 can also conduct Intercom communications with
earlier scala rider models in dierent congurations and you can
always change your preferences.
There are four other scala rider models available that your G4 can
connect to, and each of these connections comes with specic char-
acteristics and / or limitations.
In terms of range, Intercom communications between your G4 and
another scala rider unit is limited to the distance of the lesser-range
device. For example, connecting your G4 with a Q2 unit will enable
intercom distances of up to 500 m / 540 yards, which is the maximum
rated distance the Q2 can achieve.
In the section below you can nd out how to pair your G4 with
other scala rider models, such as the “Q2™”, “Solo™ “, “FM™ “, or a
Driver unit of the “TeamSet™”. In addition, your headsets are also
fully compatib le with th e Schuber th SRC-System™. For det ails, visit
www.cardos ystems.com/sr c.
Your scala rider G4 headset has two buttons designated for quick
connection to two other headsets. These other headsets are referred
to as CHANNEL “A” and CHANNEL “B”. In the following sections
you will also learn how to add a third participant and conduct an
intercom conference mode.
scala rider® G4PowerSet