GE JGBP38GES, JGBP35GEP, JGBP34GEP, JGBP31GEP Opemt~G T~ Self-Clea~G Own, Questions and Answers


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Q. Should there be any odor during the cleaning?



Questions and Answers

Q. If my oven clock is not set to the correct time of day, can I still self-clean my oven?

A. If the clock is not set to the correct time of day you will not be able to set a delay clean to end at a specific time.

Q. Can I use commercial oven cleaners on any part of my self-cleaning oven?

A. No cleaners or coatings should be used around any

part of this oven. If you do use them and do not thoroughly rinse the oven with water, wiping it absolutely clean afterwards, the residue can scar the oven surface and damage metal parts the next time the oven is automatically cleaned.

Q. What should I do if excessive smoking occurs during cleaning?

This is caused by excessive soil. Press the CLEAWOFF pad. Open windows to rid room of smoke. Wait until the oven has cooled and the word “LOCK” is off in the display. Wipe up the excess soil and reset the clean cycle.

,Is the “crackling” sound 1 hear during cleaning normal?

A.Yes. This is the sound of the metal heating and cooling during both the cooking and cleaning functions.

Q. Should there be any odor during the cleaning?

A. Yes, there maybe a slight odor during the first few cleanings. Failure to wipe out excessive soil might also cause a strong odor when cleaning.

Q.What causes the hair-like lines on the enameled surface of my oven?

A.This is a normal condition, resulting from heating and cooling during cleaning. These lines do not affect how your oven performs.

Q.Why do I have ash left in my oven after cleaning?

A.Some types of soil will leave a deposit which is ash. It can be removed with a damp sponge or cloth.

Q.My oven shelves do not slide easily. What is the matter?

A.After many cleanings, oven shelves may become so clean they do not slide easily. To make shelves slide more easily, after each self-cleaning function dampen fingers with a small amount of cooking oil and rub lightly over sides of shelf where they contact shelf supports.

Q.My oven shelves have become gray after the self-clean cycle. Is this normal?

A.Yes. After the self-clean cycle, the shelves may lose some luster and change to a deep gray color.

Q.The word ‘iDOOr” appeared on the display when 1 selected the Clean Cycle. What is wrong?

A.The door latch handle must be moved all the way to the right. Move the latch handle and cleaning will start.


Page 24
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GE JGBP38GES manual Opemt~G T~ Self-Clea~G Own, Questions and Answers, Q. Should there be any odor during the cleaning?