1. Place the drip tray on the countertop underneath the dispenser
2. Make sure the dispensing lever is in the closed (up) position –
when the lever is moved upward, you’ll feel it “snap” into the
fully closed position.
3. Remove the funnel lid. (If the lid proves difficult to remove,
see page 49.)
4. Pour the recipe ingredients into the ingredient funnel. If the
recipe includes solid foods – like fruit, nuts, or candy – add them
before the liquid ingredients. The funnel lid can be used as a
convenient food pusher. Solid food must be less than 1-inch in
diameter to pass through the ingredient funnel.
NOTE: Most ingredients expand when frozen. Filling the dessert
maker with a large quantity of recipe mix may cause dessert to
back up through the freezing cylinder vent during operation. This
is normal and will not harm the dessert maker. Reduce the
amount of mix used to prevent this from occurring. If you are
using a commercial soft-serve ice cream mix, use only 1 quart of
mix per batch – greater quantities will not freeze adequately. One
quart of commercial mix will make 2 quarts of ice cream.
During operation, some dessert may accumulate in the ingredient
funnel. This is normal. If the funnel lid is not positioned securely,
however, ingredients may fill and overflow the funnel.