Removing the Funnel Lid
If not properly lubricated after use, the funnel lid may prove difficult
to remove from the funnel. If this happens:
1. Make certain the mixing blade and freezing system are turned off.
2. Remove the dispenser assembly from the dessert maker by
turning the dispenser assembly attachment knobs
counter-clockwise until the assembly is free. Be sure to hold the
assembly as the last knob is removed.
3. Turn the dispenser assembly so the flat side faces upwards. Using
a thumb, press the funnel lid ingredient pusher where it fits into
the dispenser assembly. The funnel lid should pop out easily.
4. Position the dispenser assembly on the housing, making sure the
tip of the mixing blade shaft fits into the hole on the back of the
dispenser assembly. Thread the attachment knobs onto the
attachment bolts, and turn them clockwise until snug.
Once the funnel is wetted with dessert ingredients, the funnel lid
can be inserted and removed easily. To make removing the funnel lid
easier after cleaning and storing the dessert maker, apply a light
coating of vegetable oil to the O-ring on the pusher (see step 5 on
page 47).