3. Remove the vent cap from the top of the frozen dessert maker.
Wet the small end of the provided cleaning brush in soapy water
and insert the brush into the freezing cylinder vent, then remove.
Repeat several times.
4. Make certain the dispensing lever is in the closed (up) position,
then pour a cup of clean rinse water into the freezing cylinder
vent. Replace the vent cap.
5. Pour a quart of clean rinse water into the ingredient funnel,
replace the lid, and turn on the mixing blade. Do not turn on
the freezing system. After 30 seconds, dispense the water into
a container and turn off the mixing blade. Repeat this step
once more.
Remove the Dispenser Assembly and Mixing Blade
1. Make certain the mixing blade and freezing system are turned off.
2. Remove the dispenser assembly by turning the dispenser
assembly attachment knobs counter-clockwise until the assembly
is free. Be sure to hold the assembly as the last knob is removed.
3. Grasp the mixing blade and remove it from the freezing cylinder.