OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - Model 1003C Note: Install and use accessories per instructions provided with the accessory kit.
Catalog # Model Description
14M67 OAFD-S Outside Air Floor Duct
* 14M72 DK100-G Gold Door Kit
* H0533 DK100-B Black Door Kit
14M22 BK-100 Blower Kit
14M21 SSK Stove Stat Kit
70K99 TSPK-B Touch-up Spray Paint Kit, Black (12 oz
spray can)
Stove-Stat Kit (SSK)
To automate the blower system an additional Stove-Stat kit
can be purchased. The Stove-Stat is a heat sensor switch
that will automatically turn on the blower when the stove is
hot and automatically turn it off when the stove is cool.
Outside Air Floor Duct (OAFD-S)
Outside air can be delivered for combustion air by utilizing this
floor penetration duct.
(Duct penetration measures 5 ¼” square)
Blower Kit (BK-100)
A Blower Kit (includes rheostat for variable speed control)
is available for increased heat circulation.
Variable Speed Control, Dial-A-Temp
Floor Protector
Plug Dial-A-Temp
into Wall Outlet
Plug Power Cord
into Bottom of
160 CFM Blower
Stove Rear Heat
2 Screws
10-24 x 1/2
Magnetic Head
Blower Assembly
Blower Power
Cord Plug
Stove-Stat Power
Cord Plug
Grounded 110 Volt
Wall Receptacle