Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker warranty Questions AND Answers

Models: 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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Questions AND Answers

Questions AND Answers

Occasionally the cover is hard to open or close. What causes this? What should I do?

In order for pressure to build inside your pressure cooker, the unit has a special cover which provides an airtight fit. Because of this, you may find that on occasion the cover may be difficult to open or close. The following suggestions will help if this happens:

If the cover seems hard to close, be sure you have aligned the “” mark on the cover with the arrow on either of the body handles. Move the cover until it drops into position. Then, press down firmly on the cover handles and rotate the cover clockwise until the cover handles are directly above the body handles.

If, after browning meat or poultry, the cover is difficult to close, it may be due to


expansion of the pressure cooker body from heating. Remove the cover and allow the


pressure cooker body to cool slightly and try again. Do not place the pressure cooker


back on the burner until it is fully closed.


If necessary, to help make the cover easier to open and close, a very light coating


of cooking oil may be applied to the underside of the lugs on the pressure cooker

Apply Cooking

body (Fig. P) and/or on the sealing ring. Use a pastry brush, a piece of cloth, or your

Oil Here

fingertips and be sure to wipe off any excess oil.


Fig. P

What can be done if the food prepared in the pressure cooker has more liquid than desired?

Simmer to evaporate the excess liquid. Next time you prepare the same recipe, you may want to use a tablespoon or two less liquid.

How does one prevent overcooking?

Remember to begin timing as soon as you hear and/or see a steady flow of steam escaping from the pressure regulator. Reduce heat to maintain a very slow, steady flow of steam. It is very important to accurately time the cooking period. A Prestokitchen timer is very helpful for this purpose. Also be sure to follow the recipe instructions for cooling the pressure cooker.

What if the food is not completely done after the recommended cooking time?

Simply bring the cooker back up to pressure and cook the food a minute or two longer.

How do I know my pressure cooker is operating properly?

When a steady flow of steam escapes from the pressure regulator, you will know your cooker is functioning correctly.

When cooking first begins, is it normal for steam to escape and moisture to form on the cover and between the handles?

It is normal for steam to escape and a slight amount of moisture leakage to form on the cover and between the handles when cook- ing first begins. If leakage continues, the cover handles may not be fully aligned with the body handles and, therefore, the cover lock cannot engage.

Is it normal for the air vent/cover lock to rise up partially and drop back down when cooking first begins?

It is possible that the air vent/cover lock will move up and down slightly when cooking first begins. Do not be concerned. The air vent/cover lock will remain in the up position once the cooker has sealed. However, if the air vent/cover lock continues to move up and down or rises partially, tap it lightly with the tip of a knife. If it does not rise once you have tapped it, the following may be occurring:

1.The burner is not hot enough.

2.The cooker is not fully closed (see page 4).

3.There is insufficient liquid to form steam.

4.The gasket for the air vent/cover lock needs to be replaced (see page 7).


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Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker warranty Questions AND Answers