Samsung DS660T manual Playbacka DiscintheDiscchanger

Models: DS660T

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Playbacka DiscintheDiscchanger

Playbacka DiscintheDiscchanger

is automatically selected when Disc Skip is pushed.

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All the discs will be playedin turn, startingwiththe oneselected.

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_uwish to play the current disc only, press REPEAT on the remote control or more times, until REPEAT : DiSC is displayed.



Playback starts automatically.


STOP during playback.

If pressed once, "PRESS PLAY" is displayed and the

stop position will be stored in memory.

If PLAY/PAUSE ( HI ) button or ENTER button is pressed, playback resumes from the stop position. (This function works only with DVDs.)

If pressed twice, "STOP" is displayed, and if PLAY/PAUSE ( HI ) button is pressed, playback starts from the beginning.

disc selected is not loaded, the next disc is played automatically.

To resume playback, press PLAY/PAUSE ( HI ) button again.

Page 13
Image 13
Samsung DS660T manual Playbacka DiscintheDiscchanger