Samsung DS660T ReflectingSurroundSystem, ive Surround Mode, RRSS: Rear Reflecting Surround System

Models: DS660T

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can enjoy realistic sound reproduction that approximates 5.1-channel surround ;ound using the front speakers.

The rear sound reflection function will be enabled and you can enjoy the 5.1-channel surround sound.

(RRSS: Rear Reflecting Surround System)

The sound from the front/rear speakers, which are located in the front, is first reflected against the side walls (or the ceiling) and then reflected against the rear wall before reaching the listener.

It allows you to enjoy the realistic sound reproduction equal to that of a 5.1-channel speaker system using only 3 speakers.

It not only increases space efficiency but eliminates the need for speaker cable arrangement because it does not require installation of rear speakers.


.ive Surround Mode

can use the magic sound field to listen to 2-channel stereo sources in realistic 31surround sound.

CINEMA :A powerfulsoundfield effect as in a movie theater.

STADIUM : A sound field effectof being at a soccer or baseball game.

LIVE :A sound field effectwith a spatialfeelingas in a live concerthall.

JAZZ :Select thiswhen listeningto jazz.

ROCK : Selectthis when listeningto rock music.

CLASSIC : Selectthis when listeningto classicalmusic.

DISCO :A sound field with a powerfulbass as in a disco club.

SUPER 5.1 : Selectthis to listento a 2 channelsource in 5.1 channels.

LSM OFF : If you press the LiveSurround Mode buttonon the main unit,the mode displaywill appear on the display inthe same order as pressingthe LSM + buttonon the remotecontrol.

Depending on the disc being pIayed, the effect of each sound field may vary.

You cannot select SUPER 5.1 mode when playing a DVD disc recorded in more than 2 channeIs.

Page 34
Image 34
Samsung DS660T manual ReflectingSurroundSystem, ive Surround Mode, RRSS: Rear Reflecting Surround System