Chapter 1: Overview


The product is a triplex that enables you to record the signals received from up to 8 cameras to a single VCR. You can record those signals sequentially by frame or intermittently, and playback a specific channel selectively. You can use three monitor screen modes, LIVE Mode, P.B. Mode, and LIVE + P.B. Mode, on a single monitor.

Names and Functions of Parts

Front Panel/Remote Control

Functions and Features

Set various functions using the Menu buttons.

Connect up to 8 cameras for color or black-and-white pictures.

Watch the input from up to 8 cameras on one screen in the various split display modes.

Watch the Live screen and the Playback screen simultaneously on the same monitor.

Enlarge a screen up to 2 Xs using the Zoom function.

Utilize the Motion Detect function embedded in a camera.

Monitor a specific screen within the main screen by using the Spot Display function.

Watch the Main screen simultaneously on an additional monitor using the Slave Display function.

Watch desired screens in still mode using the Freeze function.

Switch and watch channels sequentially in Sequence mode.

Hide the screens being displayed using the Hidden Camera func- tion.

The system has Date, Time and Alarm indicators that can be reset.

When an Alarm occurs, the word "EVENT" is displayed on the screen and a warning buzzer sounds. When this occurs, you can press Enter and up to 16 frames before and after the generated alarm will be replayed on the Event Replay window. Alarm histo- ries are recorded in the EVENT LIST. The Alarm function is avail- able only when the Alarm Box is connected.

If the Channel Loss Detection function detects any channel loss, the word "EVENT" is displayed on the screen and a warning buzzer sounds. When this occurs, you can press ENTER and up to 16 frames before the detected chancel loss will be replayed on the Event Replay window. Channel Loss histories are recorded in the


Due to the Door Bell Interlock Function, when the door bell is pressed, the current picture switches to the doorbell area monitor- ing picture, in full screen mode, along with an alarming beep. At this time, one Instant Picture is stored in the “DOOR BELL LIST”. Up to 8 pictures can be stored in the “DOOR BELL LIST” You can access any stored picture to be displayed on the screen. The Door Bell Function is only available with a door bell connection.

A. Power Switch

Turns the power on/off.


Changes to Power Save mode.


Controls the volume level.


Communicates with the doorbell in duplex mode.


Outputs relay pulses to an external device for a specified time.

You can adjust this control according to your environment. (For exam- ple, when the doorbell rings, you can move to the corresponding cam- era and identify the visitor before opening the door using the AUX CONTROL button.)


Changes the Display mode. Each press of this button switches between Live, P.B., and Triplex modes sequentially.


Enters the selected Sub Menu from the Main Menu.


Press the LEFT button to direct the camera to the left; the RIGHT but- ton, to the right. In the center is the ENTER button. Use this wheel to move a Zoomed-in screen, or to scroll through Menu items or chan- nels. Press ENTER to select an item, enter a sub menu, or replay the events.